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Money is one of the most powerful languages on the planet. Linda Davies helps people understand and speak it better. 

A former investment banker, Linda studied Politics, Philosophy and Economics (PPE) at Oxford University. She is on a mission to empower everyone to learn what money really is, including how global financial systems impact our everyday lives, and how to master money so it doesn’t master us.

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As reviewed in

Financial Thrillers

If John Grisham were female and British, he might write a twisty thriller such as Nest of Vipers.

Fortune Magazine

We get an idea of the coolness, daring and imagination that go into high-voltage trading of millions…

The New York Times

Davies shows masterful misdirection, letting just the right red herrings swim by.

Washington Post

Narrative Non-Fiction

“An example of how dangerous even idyllic parts of the world can be…”

Professional Security Magazine

“No thriller can be as thrilling as the true story told by Davies.”


Fiction for Children

“Davies’ love of history and folklore shine through this exciting and gripping tale of a resourceful, brave, and complex girl.” Kirkus Reviews

“Dubai’s Harry Potter.”

Emirates Today
“A joyful fantasy, steeped in the heritage of the region. Wonderful.” Time Out Dubai