Money obviously plays a crucial role in our outer abundance but it can also play a very powerful and sometimes limiting role which curtails our inner abundance. The trappings of wealth can indeed be traps that keep us stuck. As can over-identifying with career/position, established roles and/or physical possessions. How many of us are stuck on a treadmill of goals, possessions and life events, yet find no enduring satisfaction or peace there, and yearn instead for something more without being able to articulate or envisage what exactly that might be. What more would look like for you.

I find the only way to approach the subject and to help clients transform their lives in the most powerful, enriching, enduring and holistic way is to tackle the issues and challenges around both inner and outer abundance

With my powerful and transformative Jungian coaching, we can work together to find what is holding you back, and how to free you from past conditioning, from stuckness.  From the trappings in whatever form they come.  

With this liberation, you will experience an upwelling of creativity, intuition and imagination that will enable you to go way beyond your current beliefs as to what is feasible, possible and imaginable for you;  you will be able to envision and create a new, richer life, a life that is right for you, bursting with zest, joy, purpose, wisdom and sheer aliveness. With holistic abundance.

Linda in the Empty Quarter, the largest sand desert in the world

My programmes:

Both programmes offer:

  • Coaching for one hour every three weeks.
  • Email support in between.
  • Personal audio meditations crafted for you by me to help with your particular goals and challenges.
  • A bonus gift for those who sign up for Liberated Abundance, depending on what resonates with you. This could be a creative writing or memoir consult or a mind-body offer: “Ice-bathing – embrace the cold, find your fire” or “How to get started with wild swimming”.

Just FYI, I have been a cold water swimmer going in the sea near where I live for decades. When I was unable to swim in the sea post surgery, my husband gave me an ice plunge bath which honestly helped save my sanity and aided my physical recovery enormously.  

Three month: Rising Abundance

Rising Abundance will begin with discussion of what challenges you are facing, what goals you have, and with Jungian shadow work we will uncover sides of yourself you have been suppressing.  Working together we will unearth the deep-seated past conditioning created by family, social and professional structures that keeps you stuck, controls your behaviour, blinkers your visions of what might be and limits your potential.

We begin the process of liberating you from this conditioning. 

This is the breakthrough programme.  

Six month: Liberated Abundance

The process of fuller transformation, deep liberation and inspired creativity will come with the second three months.  

When you experience greater freedom from conditioning and the trapping side of identity, money, roles, success and position, your own creativity and vision can be unleashed.  Together, we get to play in the creative sphere of imagination and visualization where we set to creating the life of your dreams. 

Here we tap into your spiritual self, your own deep inner creativity and instinctual wisdom.  We further explore the unconscious and its vast realms of potential, normally shut off to us if we limit ourselves to the narrower world of “reason”.  

This will help you step into your own free, joyous and vastly abundant self, inspired with new purpose, new vision and a liberating lightness of being.  

This is holistic abundance.

If you are prepared to invest four figures in coaching with me, then get in touch to schedule a free forty five minute “unlocking your abundance” call. 

I work with women in Europe, the Middle East and North America. 

“Linda is truly a talented and exceptional coach. She has the ability to hold healing space and zero in on exactly what you are needing to work through to get to the root issue of what is standing in the way of experiencing financial freedom and abundance. Her expertise in finance and deeply intuitive method of bringing gentle and healing attention to how I related to money as a result of limiting beliefs and social conditioning has been life changing. Since working with her I have experienced so much joy in my life. Not only has my relationship with money and finances changed, I now have real life practical skills that allow me to experience greater freedom.  I cannot recommend her highly enough.” 

Alyssa A

The road to Holistic Abundance.  Why is this so important?

Money is one of the most important languages on the planet.  For many years I’ve been helping people understand and speak it better.

In doing that, I am constantly reminded of how deep our psychological issues with money run. And, for most of us, how unconscious they are. Are we truly calling the shots? Or is our behaviour the result of conditioning that kicks in at a very young age? (Between four and seven by the way.)

For most of us, our behaviour is controlled by what I call  “the silent puppet masters,” our unconscious conditioning which is made even more powerful because it remains hidden.  Until we learn how to unearth it. 

This is where I can help you. 

“Linda is very sensitive, professional and hugely positive coach, she helped me to realize some deep unconscious patterns that were limiting my actions not only in terms of money, but also in terms of relationships with others. I want to say thank you for honest and perceptive vision and tools that you shared with me. It will help me to continue my growth and to feel more comfortable with myself and the world around me. I would definitely recommend Linda as a strong professional who cares for her clients and meets their personal needs.” 


Where, how and why I can help you.

When it comes to helping you create healthier relationships with money, and all that flows from that, I have the outer tools. I began my career as an investment banker after reading Politics, Philosophy and Economics at Oxford University. I have an ongoing professional relationship with the money world as an active investor, adviser and consultant as well as being a Director of a Financial Conduct Authority approved and regulated company. I am also a best-selling author of financial thrillers so I have long been immersed in the money world and seen, felt and lived it from unique and varied perspectives.

Equally important, my training as a fully certified Jungian life coach has given me the inner tools to help unearth your deep-rooted money and other psychology/beliefs and conditioning from the shadows of your unconscious.  We then shine a light on them, see clearly how they have limited you, and then we can integrate them into your psyche in a way that will empower and balance you and help you flourish and prosper. 

We apply these tools as well if you’re feeling stuck in your job or position or family role; if you feel as if you’re on a treadmill and don’t know how to get off; if you yearn to get off but cannot envisage what could be created beyond the treadmill. 

Photoshoot for the Sunday Times Magazine article I wrote on my life in the City

I have the life skills gained as a woman who herself stepped off the treadmill of corporate life to forge a new career as a writer.  And again as a coach.  As a wife and mother of three children who have only just flown the nest.  Of a woman who has gone through traumas and emerged (including being kidnapped and held hostage in Iran). Scarred, yes, physically and mentally, but rejuvenated by a love of life, a new expansive and transformative lease on life and what it can hold and a deeper understanding of who I am and what is possible for me, care of my own Jungian training.

Now I want to share that with you.  I want to help mid-life women fly into your full, vibrant, magnificent potential.  I want you to be able to create, live and love your wild and precious life. 

Using all of this and the techniques and intuition from my role as a writer living in the realms of inspiration, imagination and visualization, I can work with you to help ignite your own creativity so that you can craft a life that brings you fully alive, with deep joy, purpose and fulfilment across all aspects of your being.

This is the exciting, transformational and liberating pathway to inner and outer abundance.  To holistic abundance.  

How do I know I can help you?  Because first I helped myself.  I’m the living embodiment of how transformational this coaching can be. 

My own journey to becoming a life coach.

To help me learn more about how to help people with their psychological relationship with money I embarked on an eighteen month intensive course to become a Jungian Life Coach.  This course is a blend of Jung’s psychology, Eastern Spirituality and social neuroscience.

Little did I know it as I was contemplating, then signing up for this course, that it would change my own life.

Beginning to find my feet (and my hair) again post chemotherapy

The day before I had to pay for the first six months of the course, I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  I decided to go ahead with the course, following my instincts.  The course coincided with an intensely challenging period of tests, more tests, a mastectomy, then 12 weeks of gruelling chemotherapy, followed by nine months of adjuvant therapies. 

During this time, what I learned on this course helped me see that I was not defined by the cancer, that I was a separate being, that my inner self was untouched by it.  This stopped me, for the most part, from identifying with the cancer, from being overwhelmed by the diagnosis and by the treatments.  It gave me hope, purpose and a set of tools with which I profoundly helped myself. I integrated sides of myself that I had buried in my shadow since girlhood. I found a new and liberating sense of joy, abundance, peace and authenticity – much to my own amazement – during this intensely challenging time which could have seen me consumed by darkness and despair.

With illustrator Nick Bashall talking about 10 Things Everyone Needs to Know About Money at the Hay Festival, 2022

On this course, I also learned a great deal about finding my purpose in life.  For me, personally, before I received my cancer diagnosis, before I embarked on this course, I had decided that I wanted new challenges.  After a first career in investment banking, I had a subsequent career as a best-selling writer and speaker at literary events and schools and universities. But, after three decades of this, I found myself yearning for something else, but unable to envisage exactly what.

When my youngest child, my daughter, started at university, my husband and I officially had an empty nest.  Our two sons had already both left home for university and the wider world. 

And while I did have an independent career, I still identified very strongly as a mother. Like many women, although I celebrated their growth and relative independence, I also missed them and the purpose that went hand in hand with day to day mothering. 

Combine that with the menopause and you do begin to ask yourself lots of questions about where you want to go in life, what you want to do, how you can contribute and share both your own specialist knowledge and your considerable life experience gained through a lifetime of ups and downs and serious challenges that have included family health issues, and getting kidnapped and held hostage in Iran.

Photoshoot for my article for The Times on my kidnap

I had decided to embark on a one year’s sabbatical.  I planned on learning new things, travelling to different parts of the world both to see old friends and to explore. Then, bam! The cancer diagnosis and treatment. Not quite the sabbatical I had in mind, but as a learning experience,  unparalleled.

I like to think of myself as a phoenix, rising from the ashes. My hair has been burnt off (okay, not quite burnt off but shed thanks to chemotherapy) my breast has been cut off, and I have given up some old life habits that no longer serve me or are conducive to good health. I have also liberated myself from limiting behaviours.

I don’t need to justify myself or my existence, to apologise for the good fortune that has come my way in life but just enjoy it. I’ve lost the glamour that I once over identified with but there’s liberation in that too. I can still scrub up when I want to, but not over identifying with this is liberating.  I’m more than my external form, whether that be glamorous or ravaged. 

Feeling ill and exhausted from the side effects of the chemotherapy also made me prioritise how I spend my time.  

Spending time with people who do not spark joy… What’s the point?

It has also enabled me to directly help other women, mid life women who also one day wake up and say is this it? What happened to the old me? Can I find a new me? Have I lost sight of the inner me and how do I find her again? How do I create a life, a world for myself and others that is rich in inner and outer abundance, that ignites and sustains me? A life that I love.

Linda hiking in the Cordillera Blanca in Peru

I’ve asked myself these questions and I’ve gone through my dark night of the soul and I have come out the other side equipped with a wide series of tools that helped me and I will now put to use helping you.

I leave you with this quotation from Carl Jung:

“Reason sets the boundaries far too narrowly for us, and would have us accept only the known – and that too with limitations _ and live in a known framework just as if we were sure how far life actually extends.  As a matter of fact, day after day we live far beyond the bounds of our consciousness; without our knowledge the life of the unconscious is also going on within us. The more our reason dominates, the more impoverished life becomes: But the more of the unconscious, and the more of myth we are capable of making conscious, the more of life we integrate.  Overvalued reason has this in common with political absolutism: under its dominion the individual is pauperized.”  

Carl Jung

The opposite state of pauperisation, is abundance.  

To book your forty five minute “unlocking your abundance” call, click here.

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