Healthy Money Online Course: Young People

Could you or a loved one benefit from improving your relationship with money.  Stuck in bad habits? Overspend? Under save? Repeat patterns without understanding the unconscious drivers beneath?  

Would you like to make yourself or a loved one more financially resilient and less anxious around money?

I have created a range of short, easily actionable online courses which will help you transform your (or a loved one’s) financial health for the better and with it mental health too.

I have tailored courses for students, young people who’ve just entered the workplace and want to learn more about how best to manage their money and earnings, and for midlifers who need a money reset and help to create a money and life plan for the next decades.

Course: What every young person new to the workplace needs to know about money

This is for young people entering the workplace looking to avoid anxiety, feel in control and create a healthy relationship with money.

Course content:

Option A: includes a 45-minute one-to-one Zoom session with Linda

  • Three pre-recorded online videos to download, each between 15 to 20 minutes
  • Three downloadable PDF guides providing detailed, easy to follow tools and information
  • A PDF “Find your money type” questionnaire
  • A 45-minute one-to-one Zoom coaching session with Linda to discuss your money type and specific issues/challenges

Option B:

  • All of the above without the one-to-one Zoom session

Contact me for further details on “What every young person new to the workplace…” financial literacy course here

Topics covered in the course:

This online course combines practical money hacks and psychological tools. It covers:

  • How to harness discretion income no matter how small
  • How to save and/or save more – emergency savings, lumpy expenditure savings, fun savings, home deposit savings – an impossible dream or actionable prospect?
  • How to deploy those savings better – stock market investing do’s and don’ts
  • Tax-free investing via ISAs
  • Pensions – whether to make extra contributions or not
  • How to spend better – mindful spending
  • How not to spend – gambling, over-acquisition of “stuff”
  • The perils of certain kinds of debt and how to avoid them
  • Understanding our money psychology and finding and transcending our own money biases
  • How to earn more in better jobs – the limiting self-beliefs that hold us back from dream jobs or pay rises – The confidence gap
  • The risk of blend spending and lifestyle creep
  • Understanding our present bias and learning how to create a healthy financial future and present
  • The cash illusion – how we spend influences how much we spend

Contact me for further details on “What every young person new to the workplace…” financial literacy course here

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