Global bestselling author of financial thrillers, non-fiction and children’s fiction

“If John Grisham were female and British, he might write a twisty thriller such as Nest of Vipers.”

Fortune Magazine

Something Wild is absolutely brilliant. It kept me awake till dawn.”

Penny Vincenzi

Into the Fire uses fraud as the springboard that catapults its feisty, aikido-kicking heroine into a steamy espionage plot that reaches its apex at the Inca temple of Machu Picchu.”

Financial Times

“A high-speed financial thriller that spans the globe from London to Southeast Asia.”

Library Journal

“Davies once again proves expert in crafting absorbing suspense.”

Publishers Weekly

“Science, sex, murder, meteorology… A brilliantly crafted eco-thriller filled with characters who are authentically good – and bad.”

Former US Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen

“Davies’ love of history and folklore shine through this exciting and gripping tale of a resourceful, brave, and complex girl.”

Kirkus Reviews

“No thriller can be as thrilling as the true story told by Davies.”

Ed Epstein, investigative journalist and author

“Dubai’s Harry Potter”

Emirates Today