Gelert’s Ghost

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In some places, Elen realised, the past never goes away. Like Beddgelert. She had no idea of the danger at first, mesmerized by the remote beauty of the place. Forever the outsider, she yearned to belong. Now she’d come home, to the wild mountains where her ancestors had lived. And died.

Exploring the high peaks, she meets Will, young, handsome, mysterious. They grow close, despite the attempts of those desperate to keep them apart.

As the long days of summer gave way to the storms of autumn, Elen realises there’s a price to pay for belonging. Beneath the beauty of Beddgelert lies a heartbreaking tale of loyalty, betrayal, and an ancient curse.

Elen must decide if she will run or stay and face the terrors of the ghostly hound that prowls the high mountains, seeking vengeance.

This is a book about revenge and redemption. How we rise above misfortune, tragedy, and bad blood. How we find love and transcendence. It will terrify, inspire and transport you.

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