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“Dubai’s Harry Potter”

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Sea Djinn

The first full-length contemporary children’s novel to be written and set in the Middle East.

When Finn Kennedy comes to live in Dubai, he expects to do nothing more adventurous than surf a few good waves. Then he meets Triton, the Sea Djinn, a supernatural being with spectacular powers. Triton reveals that Finn’s parents have been kidnapped at sea by Hydrus, the evil Sea Djinn, who is preparing to wage war against Triton’s and Finn’s worlds in a battle of the Djinns that has been brewing for a thousand years.

Triton recruits Finn to his army and bestows on him some of his own powers. Finn, together with his cousin, Georgina, and his friend, Fred, prepares to travel to the underwater lair of Hydrus, far across the sea in the Dark Kingdom, to rescue his parents and fight Hydrus. Along the way the friends meet Mr Violet, no ordinary teacher, who trains them in the skills they will need if they are to have any chance of surviving. Their training is cut short when they are in grave danger and must escape. They steal a boat and set sail for the Dark Kingdom…

“Breathtaking.” The Sunday Express

“Linda Davies has created something special here, adding in human greed and intrigue as well as ecological awareness into a fast-paced adventure.” Teenlibrarian

‘A joyful fantasy, steeped in the heritage of the region. Wonderful.’

Time Out Dubai
[Time Out Dubai, Books of the Year 2007 – the only children’s book selected]
Surfers enjoy the waves at sunset on Umm Suqeim Beach, Dubai: a key location for Sea Djinn
The best review of all: “5 out of 5” from Harriet’s book reviewsThank you Harriet!

Fire Djinn

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The Prince of Atlantis is back. His powers are growing, but so is the threat…

Finn Kennedy, his cousin Georgina and their friend Fred are camping at night in the deserts of Dubai when an unseen Voice reveals to them a horrific vision foretelling the end of the world.

The Voice cries out for LightFighters to enter the battle and free him. Finn, Fred and Georgie, LightFighters all of them, cannot turn away.

Once more they leave their normal lives behind to embark upon an adventure that takes them beyond the boundaries of this world into the terrifying kingdom of the Dark Fire Djinn.

“Ingenious.” The Sunday Express

A rollicking fantasy…” Time Out Abu Dhabi

An epic book that starts with a bang and burns through its pages to a satisfying conclusion…

Teenlibrarian (click to read full review)

Finn, Georgie and Fred sat by the camp-fire, staring into the flickering golden flames. Around them, the deserts of Dubai stretched out for hundreds of miles, a kingdom of sand, apparently empty. The sickle moon cut a crescent into a night as dark as sin. Cold stars burned in the heavens, gazing down upon the earth like a million watchful eyes. The wind that had screamed through the dunes earlier, whipping sand into their faces had died. Save for the whisperings and cracklings of the fire, the night was eerily quiet. The silence of the listener, not the sleeper.

Fire Djinn by Linda Davies, Chapter 1
The desert outside Dubai: a key location for Fire Djinn

Dubai’s ‘Harry Potter’ series continues…

Time Out Kids Dubai (click to read full interview)

Storm Djinn

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Finn Kennedy, the Prince of Atlantis, has to develop a new power in order to combat his most serious threat yet.

‘So my role,’ Finn said, gazing round the Castle of Winds, ‘is to travel back in time to 1923, to the Valley of the Kings, where Lord Carnarvon and Howard Carter were excavating Tutankhamen’s tomb, steal into the tomb, nab the Burial Shroud and use it to trap Typhon?’

‘Yes,’ answered the Djinn of the Winds. ‘Are you ready?’

Storm Djinn is a sand-swept carpet ride that you’ll grip tight until the very end. Utterly addictive.’

Time Out Dubai
The Rub al Khali ~ the Empty Quarter: one of the driest regions in the world, virtually uninhabited, and largely unexplored: a key location in Storm Djinn
Lord Carnarvon stands with his daughter Lady Evelyn Herbert and Howard Carter at the top of the steps to Tutankhamen’s tomb: all three appear in Storm Djinn. Photograph by Harry Burton, 1922

‘Oh to be Finn for just one adventure! Not since my Jennings books in the ’60s have I been so magically transported to a place that would be so fun to be! Pure escapism but so incredibly well written!’

A critique by Linda’s greatest fan – Kevin Dominic Regan, aged 51 ½

King of the Djinn

Discover King of the Djinn in ebook or paperback. Click above to enjoy a free preview!

The fourth book in Linda Davies’ beloved Djinn Quartet brings Finn Kennedy his biggest and most dangerous challenge yet…

When Obsidian, the Dark Rock Djinn, discovers that Finn has trapped the three other Dark Djinn, he kidnaps Finn and tries to force him to reveal their location, so that he might free them and in exchange take their powers, thereby making himself King of the Djinn.

Finn escapes and goes in search of Gaia, the Earth Djinn of Light, to enlist her support. Though trying to help him, Gaia unwittingly traps Finn in stone, and Fred and Georgie must travel back in time to search for him. Only when they are in mortal danger can Finn find the power to break free and save them.

Thwarted, Obsidian’s rage explodes into earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, freeing both the Dark Fire Djinn and the Dark Sea Djinn, thus setting the scene for the forthcoming War of the Djinn.

‘A fast-paced, beautifully descriptive adventure with just the right mixture of compelling characters, well-observed humour and page-turning excitement. The Arabian flavour is perfectly balanced so that the book will appeal to children in Dubai, Arabia and far beyond.’

Khaleej Times
The Majlis al Jinn cave in Oman, second-largest cave on earth: a key location in King of the Djinn
A fair copy draft (c. 1817) of Shelley’s Ozymandias in the collection of Oxford’s Bodleian Library.

‘Five Star! Thrilling, beautifully written books for children with local relevance and international punch. Adults will secretly read them too.’

You Magazine

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