Something Wild

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Something Wild is absolutely brilliant. It kept me awake till dawn.” Penny Vincenzi

“This is a scorcher! …A sassy thriller with unpredictable plots and counter-plots. I loved Davies’s use of language, which was immediate and modern. I’m off to buy her other books.”

We last met her in Nest of Vipers, Linda Davies’ best-selling thriller about the troubled trader turned MI6 agent. Brilliant, brave with a destructive addiction to risk, Sarah Jensen is woman with a host of secrets and a haunted past. Now Sarah Jensen is back, running from a love which was too big to handle, hiding her baby son from the father who does not know he exists. A woman with more at stake than ever and more to fear.

Short of money, she’s forced to take a dangerous assignment investigating a string of high-profile rapes. Determined to get justice for the victims, Sarah uses herself as bait. As Sarah’s high-risk strategy brings her closer to uncovering the perpetrator, it plunges her – and her son – into unimaginable danger.

Heralded by USA Today for its “pulse pounding suspense,” Something Wild takes us on a high-speed journey from the wilds of Wyoming to the echoing canals of Venice.

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“Sex, money and rock and roll! Blending high stakes finance with utterly compelling characters and a terrifying sub plot, Something Wild is a gripping and electrifying thriller.” (Click to read full review)
Something Wild is another sexy page-turner.”
“Pulse-pounding suspense”

“Exciting! Makes you believe for a moment that you understand the world of high finance.”

Maeve Binchy
“A wonderful, glossy, sexy thriller… masses of plotting, counter-plotting and double doubles, a marvellously brave, beautiful heroine, a devastatingly desirable baddie-hero and the kind of detail that involves you 101 per cent.”
“It’s a thrilling, pacy novel with a strong central character and intriguing plot.”

“I was so honored when I heard that a best-selling author of Linda Davies’ caliber was writing a novel based on my first deal with David Bowie. Intellectual property continues to grow and is now a trillion dollar market. Linda’s book gives readers a look at how exciting this industry can be.”

David Pullman, CEO, The Pullman Group LLC

Bowie Bonds explained

David Bowie pioneered a type of bond sale in the late 1990s that helped the music icon reap millions of dollars. Here is the Wall Street Journal’s explanation of how he made financial history with “Bowie Bonds.”
“In 1997 Bowie decided to sell the rights to future royalties from his extensive body of work. Securitisation — effectively a loan backed by the future payments — was in its innovation stage, a more innocent time before finance moved onto mass destruction world tours. Bowie’s was actually the first in a line of ‘Pullman Bonds’, developed by David Pullman.”

From A short history of the Bowie Bond, Financial Times Alphaville, 11 January 2016

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Sarah Jensen’s story begins with Nest of Vipers and continues in Something Wild. Linda Davies’ later novel, Into The Fire, is also set on the cutthroat trading floor of Goldsteins, presided over by Zaha Zamaroh.

Something Wild in translation


De vlakte

Luitingh-Sijthoff, ISBN 90-245-4004-6

Ook rocksterren gaan tegenwoordig met hun hits naar de beurs… ‘Killer banker’ Sarah Jensen ontmoet op bizarre wijze een van de beroemdste rocksterren van de wereld: ze redt hem van een op hol geslagen paard. Ze weet dan nog niet dat deze ontmoeting een enorme impact op haar leven zal hebben. Maanden later, op haar werk op de bank, moeten de obligaties van deze rockster veilig gesteld worden. Om dat te doen, wil de bank er zeker van zijn dat er met hem de laatste jaren niets is gebeurd wat dit kan voorkomen en zijn reputatie kan schaden. Dit uitzoeken wordt Sarahs taak, maar voor ze het weet is haar leven in gevaar…



Grasset, 2003. ISBN: 9782246621614

Dans L’Initiée, la belle Sarah Jensen passait de l’univers financier de la City au monde dangereux des services secrets. Dans Quelque chose de sauvage, elle reprend du service en tant que détective indépendante pour une grande banque d’investissement. A la suite d’une liaison aussi passagère que passionnelle avec John Redford, véritable star du rock aux Etats-Unis, Sarah Jensen a donné naissance à un fils. Un fils qu’elle a caché à son ancien amant… La banque Goldstein a la charge d’enquêter sur le passé d’un client potentiel, une star du rock qui envisage de coter en bourse son répertoire… Sarah découvre rapidement que ce chanteur n’est autre que… John Redford. Prise au piège de ses propres secrets, elle est contrainte de le suivre dans sa tournée mondiale, qui l’entraîne à New York, Paris et Venise. Bientôt de terribles soupçons pèsent sur John Redford : des jeunes femmes ont été violées dans chacune des villes traversées, Sarah décide d’éclaircir cette sombre affaire…


Die Löwengrube

Ullstein Buchverlage, ISBN-13: 978-3550083389

Die junge Devisenhändlerin und freie Ermittlerin Sarah Jensen begleitet im Auftrag einer Londoner Bank den berühmten Rocksänger John Redford auf einer Tournee von Amerika nach Europa. John, mit dem sie vor einiger Zeit eine Liebesaffäre verband, ahnt nichts von ihrem gemeinsamen kleinen Sohn Georgie und die alte Leidenschaft zwischen den beiden flammt erneut auf. Doch dann treffen Drohbriefe ein, die Sarah an dem Geliebten zweifeln lassen.


Qualcosa di travolgente

Il Sole 24 Ore, ISBN 8883632001, 9788883632006

Un incontro travolgente quello di Sarah Jensen e John Redford. Lei è una donna bella e forte, lui è una rock star di fama internazionale. L’amore di una notte e poi Sarah decide di fuggire. Diciotto mesi dopo Sarah è madre di un bambino che ha scelto di allevare da sola. Problemi economici costringono Sarah a riprendere il suo vecchio lavoro, accetta quindi di investigare su un nuovo potenziale cliente della banca. Ma il destino sta tessendo la sua trama. Il cliente infatti altri non è che John Redford, l’uomo che più teme e da cui ha cercato invano di fuggire. Senza più scampo, Sarah si trova coinvolta in un’operazione minacciata da circostanze orribili.

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