What Every Woman Needs to Know to Create Financial Abundance

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My intention with this book is to help women create a healthier relationship with money. The getting. The spending. The borrowing. The saving. The investing. The aim is for women, for YOU, to feel calm, confident and in control. To feel empowered. What I’m offering here will improve both your net worth and your self worth, enabling you to create the abundant financial future of your choice. Of your dreams.

How do we get there?

I offer practical hacks: What to do, how to do it and what not to do. I combine this with psychological tools and insights to guide you. Only when we understand our deep inner, psychological relationship with money can we begin to make decisions that are free of old and powerful conditioning that all too often holds us back.

To start off, I look to see how men are doing. At the multiple money gaps that exist. Why? Because if we identify them, and look at why they exist, we can better reduce them. The gaps show what is possible for us. But I want to do more than catch up. I want you to create what is optimum, liberating and most abundant for you. Let’s start today. With this book.

“Money is a tool, and in this smart, practical book, Linda Davies lays out a powerful manual on how to use it to build wealth, extend impact and create true freedom. It’s a must read for any woman who wants to build wealth and master money on her terms.”

Eleanor Beaton

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