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Review by Emma Maslin, The Money Whisperer
Review by Hannah Cooney, Budget With Me

Praise for Linda Davies and her novels:

Fortune Magazine reviews Linda Davies author
“If John Grisham were female and British, he might write a twisty thriller such as Nest of Vipers.
New York Times Book Review on author Linda Davies
“Fabulous characters.”
Kirkus Reviews Linda Davies author of financial thrillers
“This gripping read reveals a flashy merchant class and a moral void—akin to an upholstered pit in a gambling casino… The game of fast-track money deals is as much an aphrodisiac as power and forbidden sex in this financial thriller.”
“A wonderful, glossy, sexy thriller… masses of plotting, counter-plotting and double doubles, a marvellously brave, beautiful heroine, a devastatingly desirable baddie-hero and the kind of detail that involves you 101 per cent.”
The New York Times reviews Linda Davies author
“Enough action, financial know-how and international hokey-pokey to satisfy any reader… We get an idea of the coolness, daring and imagination that go into successful high-voltage trading involving hundreds of millions.”
Entertainment Weekly rveiews Linda Davies
“Sleek, cinematic plotting, along with sexual intrigue and derring-do…”
Vanity Fair reviews Linda Davies "page-turner"
“Page turner”
“Davies’s first novel for young adults richly attends to history, weaving Welsh legends and mysticism into a story that abounds with adventure and features an uncommon heroine.”
“A joyful fantasy… steeped in the heritage of the region. Wonderful.”
USA Today review of Linda Davies "Pulse-pounding suspense"
“Pulse-pounding suspense”
Financial Times reviews Linda Davies
“A fan of Graham Greene and John Le Carré, Linda Davies’ speciality is the link between banking and the secret service.”
“Davies creates characters as intriguing as they are reprehensible, seducing the reader with a story of passion, power and the price of life choices… Riveting.”
“A fast-paced, beautifully descriptive adventure with just the right mixture of compelling characters, well-observed humour and page-turning excitement.”

Press coverage


Women don’t understand the economy, and other myths

Power + Presence + Position podcast with Eleanor Beaton and Katrine Marcal

Interview with Lesley Dolphin

BBC Radio Suffolk (listen from 51:07), 8 June 2021

Fierce Feminine Leadership podcast

Eleanor Beaton interviews Linda Davies

Intrepid Woman: Linda Davies, Banker to Bestselling Author

Interview with Linda Davies for The Glass Hammer, 8 April 2016

Fighting Talk: Catherine Larner meets author Linda Davies, who survived kidnap and finds solace in Southwold

Interview with Linda Davies for Suffolk Magazine, 1 December 2015

‘It was the machine gun of its age,’ expert longbower explains how humble weapon won the Battle of Agincourt

Interview with Linda Davies for ITV News, 29 October 2015

My father taught me how to fight and a lot of other ‘boy things’ too

Interview with Linda Davies for East Anglian Daily Times, 2 September 2015

“I’m lots of different people depending on what novel I am writing…”

Interview with Linda Davies for Teen Librarian, 31 August 2015

Suffolk/Dubai: Mother of three taken hostage in Iran relives the terrifying experience in new book

Interview with Linda Davies for East Anglian Daily Times, 16 October 2014

Dubai-based author the next J K Rowling?

Interview with Linda Davies for Gulf News, 15 June 2012

Arrested by Iranian gunboats

Interview with Linda Davies in the East Anglian Daily Times, 13 May 2010

Travel Style: Linda Davies

Interview with Linda Davies for Johnny Jet

Djinn’s a tonic

Interview with Linda Davies for Time Out Dubai, 28 October 2009

How author’s kidnapping tale turned into reality

Interview with Linda Davies for Wales Online, 2 October 2009

‘Dubai’s Harry Potter’ series continues

Interview with Linda Davies for Time Out Dubai, 3 December 2008

Best of time, worst of times: Linda Davies

Interview with Linda Davies for The Times, 8 December 2002

In the news

Iran frees British couple after 13-day detention

The Guardian, 11 November 2005

Captured Britons released in Iran

BBC News, 11 November 2005

Straw `very glad’ British couple released by Iran

Payvand Iran News, 11 November 2005

Britons seized at sea and held hostage by Iran

The Daily Mail, 12 November 2005

Writer tells of Iran kidnap ordeal

Wales Online, 12 November 2005

A wrong turn in Persian Gulf made me a hostage

The Sunday Express, 5 October 2014

Journalism by Linda Davies

History & fiction

Why the Battle of Agincourt is still important today

Article by Linda Davies for The Guardian, 25 October 2015

A Longbow is for Life

Article by Linda Davies for Historia Magazine

Lady Killers

Article by Linda Davies for Harper’s Bazaar

Kidnap & the Middle East

Kidnapped at sea

Article by Linda Davies for The Times, 27 September 2014

Experience: I was held hostage

Article by Linda Davies for The Guardian, 24 October 2009

“We set sail on a perfect summer’s morning. Within hours we were in fear of our lives”

Article by Linda Davies for The Daily Telegraph, 12 November 2005

If fiction come true… Careful what you write

Article by Linda Davies for The Aularian

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