10 Things Everyone Needs to Know About Money (out March 2021)

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Money is one of the most powerful languages on the planet. Linda Davies helps people understand and speak it better.

A former investment banker, Linda studied Politics, Philosophy and Economics (PPE) at Oxford University. Today, she is on a mission to empower people to learn what money really is, including how global financial systems impact their everyday lives, and how to master money so it doesn’t master them.

Author Linda Davies at The Royal Mint Llantrisant, surrounded by chests of money
Linda Davies at The Royal Mint, Llantrisant

When it comes to our financial health, it’s vital that we speak money well…
…but not everyone wants us to.

There are those who encrypt money with jargon and unnecessary complexity. Not only that, but our own beliefs and philosophies about money often do not serve us well.

In Linda’s forthcoming book, 10 Things Everyone Needs to Know About Money, she will share powerful insights from inside the world of money, including:

  • The financial angels and demons that impact how we invest, borrow, and grow money, including how we lose it, AND how global financial systems impact our everyday lives
  • How our relationships with money are influenced by gender, and what this means for our day-to-day choices, and our financial health. Money is a feminist issue!
  • The tools we need to work out our own personal money psychology – including how it affects our choices and what we can do about it
  • Raising financially literate children: How to set kids up for success with the power of a healthy money upbringing
  • Financial Snakes and Ladders: healthy money philosophies and toxic beliefs
  • How to protect your financial health in an age of uncertainty: Black Swans, Bulls, Bears and the Kingdom of the Unknown

To be published by Atebol, March 2021

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