10 Things Everyone Needs to Know About Money

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“An inspiring, heterodox, non-conformist journey to the world of money. A must read!”


“Snappy and timely – a tour de force around the often mysterious world of money and markets. Highly recommended.”


Money is one of the most powerful languages on the planet. Linda Davies helps people understand and speak it better. Discover more about this book on Instagram.

Review by Emma Maslin, The Money Whisperer
Review by Hannah Cooney, Budget With Me

A former investment banker, Linda studied Politics, Philosophy and Economics (PPE) at Oxford University. As a Director of an Financial Conduct Authority regulated company, Linda is actively involved in the often mysterious world of money and markets. She is on a mission to empower everyone to learn what money really is, including how global financial systems impact our everyday life, and how to master money so it doesn’t master us.

Author Linda Davies at The Royal Mint Llantrisant, surrounded by chests of money
Linda Davies at The Royal Mint, Llantrisant

When it comes to our financial health, it’s vital that we speak money well…
…but not everyone wants us to.

There are those who encrypt money with jargon and unnecessary complexity. Not only that, but our own beliefs and philosophies about money often do not serve us well.

In Linda’s forthcoming book, 10 Things Everyone Needs to Know About Money, she will share powerful insights from inside the world of money, including:

  • The financial angels and demons that can save or destroy us
  • How global financial systems impact our everyday lives
  • How our relationships with money are influenced by gender, what this means for our day-to-day choices and our financial health, and why women are more likely than men to go broke slowly
  • Cappuccino economics: how to harness the power of investing even small sums
  • The tools we need to decipher our own personal money psychology – including how it affects our choices and what we can do about it
  • Raising financially literate children: How to help our children flourish with the power of a healthy money upbringing
  • Financial Snakes and Ladders: healthy money philosophies and toxic beliefs
  • How to protect our financial health in an age of uncertainty: Black Swans, Bulls, Bears, Covid-19 and the Kingdom of the Unknown

With illustrations by Nick Bashall

Sometimes, a picture tells a thousand words. Linda commissioned renowned portrait painter and cartoonist Nick Bashall to create humourous and sometimes biting cartoons to reveal the excesses, eccentricities and hidden conceits of the world of money. The result is a uniquely inspiring, collectable goldmine of wit and wisdom.

The essence of banking

“You want me to give you my money, and you’re going to hand it over to complete strangers?”

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Linda Davies was invited to speak at the Financial Panel of the European Research Center, Amsterdam, and gave the following lecture:

Will the EMU Pay Off? Anticipating the Effects on the Market

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